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Double O Nesting Tables


The Double O Nesting Tables from Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design are a contemporary, practical answer to bulky sets of folding tables. Featured in the New York Times, Must Haves for the Micro-Pad, these tables are designed to slide under sofas, armchairs, and beds while the top hovers above your lap, acting as the perfect platform for laptops, books, tablets, or drinks. The Double O’s function just as well as end tables and nightstands. Whether stacked in a neat column or situated about the house, the elegance and simplicity of the Double O’s make them trend-proof.


W 16, 18, 20" / D 20" / H 21" 23" 25" / 44 lb.

100% solid bamboo. Available in Natural, Caramelized, Ruby, and Obsidian. Indoor use.

 - Spec sheet

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