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Cork Bathmat


Cork is one of nature's more perfect materials. Renewable and recyclable and naturally anti-microbial cork has been used for thousands of years as stoppers for wine, olive oil bottles, and jars. More recently they were used as buoys, for soundproofing and life jackets. Our bath mats measure 24x12x1 1/4, the perfect size for stepping onto after finishing your shower or bath. Think of it as a larger coaster for humans to stand and let the excess water drip off. Cork is hydrophobic so the water that you left on the mat will evaporate and be gone by the time you are ready for the next cleaning. College tested in a 4 man suite this is the best bath mat ever. No more musty, sour bath mats that you really hate to wash in the same machine you put your clothes in to clean. Cork requires minimal care and feeding. It is recommended to stand the mat on edge to allow more airflow on the bottom.

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