Genus Furniture

Atlas Bench


In Greek mythology, Atlas held the world on his shoulders. At Genus this inspiration lead to a piece of truly mythic proportions. The Atlas Bench is sixteen inches square, made from a single timber, and customizable up to 30 feet. Its large size is sure to make an impression, but the beauty of the natural, sustainable wood gives it a subtlety and character all its own.

As the world rested on Atlas’ shoulders, the Atlas bench rests upon 4 sets of double castors, allowing it to glide with ease across both hard and carpeted floors. The size and styling of this natural and modern piece make it an excellent option as a personal or commercial piece.

Solid Canadian Douglas Fir timber. Customizable to 30 feet long. Indoor use.

This is made to order with a 10-12 week delivery period. Pricing is shown for a 9-foot model. The minimum length recommended is 3 feet. A deposit of 50% is required. 
 - Spec sheet

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