Genus Furniture

Zee Side Chair

The past and present meet in the pure form of the Zee Side Chair from Genus Furniture. The vision of Gerrit Rietveld’s brilliant Zig Zag chair has finally been realized in this piece by using computer-guided joinery to eliminate the need for blocking, plates, or pins.

The chair’s innovative design is more than just aesthetic. The strong Moso bamboo joints formed by the joinery process create a solid sitting experience while also allowing for a subtle spring that moves naturally with the sitter. The chair’s lack of conventional legs also grants the sitter greater freedom of movement.

The ground-breaking ideas from the past and the sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology of today have been combined in this reimagining of a timeless design. With each of these elements working together, the end result is a balanced, comfortable, piece of modern furniture that reflects its pedigree while pointing boldly to the future.

100% solid bamboo. Available in Natural, Caramelized, and Ruby. Indoor use.

 - Spec sheet

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